Alternative Outdoor Advertising

If you’ve been thinking of 8-sheets and billboards when you think of outdoor advertising let us reintroduce you to the NEW media. Exciting new concepts that can help you stand out, give you unprecedented visibility and control over a campaign and get your company “visual” is our primary goal at CAM. Besides being able to provide you with traditional outdoor media CAM specialized in alternative and avante garde forms of outdoor media.

Streetlevel TV & Streetlevel Billboards ™ - With thousands of empty retail units and naked walls available throughout the USA & Europe, CAM takes those prime locations and transforms the shop windows into innovative and powerful advertising and marketing tools in the very center of the consumer domain. Welcome to StreetlevelBillboards ™.

The windows of a vacant retail unit, empty walls in malls, and unused outdoor landscapes can be used as an advertising forum, with branded vinyl applied to the window, rear projection of video onto special screens that are visible in daylight, and audio driver technology turning the window into a speaker. This creates outstanding audio-visual theatre in any retail location and, coupled with Bluetooth, represents a particularly powerful method of raising awareness and delivering a message.

Light Projection Advertising

- Video Projection places large outdoor video advertising (such as TV commercial spots) on building walls in busy metro market nightlife districts of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., plus many other cities. Product images, brand messages, and/or full motion video are projected onto multiple buildings in each city nightly creating thousands of impactful impressions.

Outdoor Guerilla Video Projection can include interactive elements such as texting, video games, and Bluetooth broadcasts. Guerilla Video Projections are the best large-format outdoor advertising vehicle to connect with consumers in the evenings in major markets.


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